The Hamilton Hoppers is a non-profit youth sports 

group that depends on fundraising and donations 

to offset expenses.

Donations:       The team gratefully accepts any donations from individuals, businesses and for demonstrations and workshops.

Sponsorship:     If you would like to sponsor the team, your company logo would be placed on our banner and on the website.

Contact us if you are interested in donating or sponsoring the team       e-mail.gif (3086 bytes)


Other Fundraising events: In addition to sponsoring bingos, the team will organize 2 or 3 fundraising events throughout the year. 

Our newest fundraising event:  In March 2006 the team started an ongoing fundraiser.  This program rewards us with profits for doing nothing more than what members do in their daily lives.  The team earns profits from members and their families purchasing groceries, gas and everyday items.  Members purchase gift cards at face value and the team gets a percentage of the purchase price.  The gift card is still worth what the member pays for it.  This program sells itself once you get a few of your members involved.  The program offers a number of well known retailers who participate.  (Grocery stores, gas stations, home improvement, Pharmacies, clothing stores).  You can earn profits for your team just buy buying groceries and gas.      

To find out more about this fundraising program   click on the "no more candy" symbol                                                                                                                                                            

If your group decides to pursue this, please make sure you mention you heard about it from the Hamilton Hoppers.